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Pre Primary Level

We believe that at the Pre-primary level it is important to stimulate the child’s curiosity and imagination. Our unique teaching methodology blends in academic competence and experiential learning. Our teachers ensure that every child’s learning styles and requirements are considered and teaching is personalized accordingly. They ensure that every child develops the basic cognitive and written skills, thus laying a strong foundation for the academic rigors of the higher grades.

Primary Level

In the  Primary Classes, students’ foundation is further strengthened through practice of verbal and written skills, the teaching of higher mathematical concepts and laboratory experiments. At this stage learning of higher concepts and knowledge assimilation becomes key areas of focus.

Along with the core subjects, students are provided an option of choosing a second language and one activity related vocation like art, drama and music.

Middle Level

At Sanskar Vidyapeeth, we understand the significance of this particular phase in a student’s life and the role it plays in as a foundation for his/her professional career. Expanding the horizons of learning and mastery of advanced concepts and skills will be in focus during this phase. Hence, our schools offer a perfect blend of CBSE syllabus, taught using the national curriculum framework of the CBSE Board.

Up to class 8, the teaching is as per RBSE curriculum, but the teaching methodology, assessments and the lesson plans are as per the norms of CBSE boards. From class 8 onwards, our students are channeled towards a specific syllabus to help them focus their class X milestone.

Also, in Class IX, all students undergo counseling to take concrete steps towards their chosen career. At Sanskar Vidyapeeth, we help students prepare for competitive exams like – AIPMT, JEE, NEET, CLAT and a host of others.

Senior Level

At the Senior level students are given an option from three different streams Science, Commerce and Humanities depending upon their career choices.

The teachers here are sensitive and efficient enough to deal with the varied demands of the career choices of the students. The students enjoy the knowledge based texts along with exploration of life like situations within the safe cocoon of the teacher’s guidance.

The core of the teaching methodology is interactive sessions in the classroom. The faculty aims at drawing out the potential of the students for fruitful education. Teachers strive to provide individual attention to students. The subject combination points at integrated learning.

Value Education classes at the Senior Secondary level is a vital part of the curriculum. The teachers bring out the relevant issues and encourage the students to narrate their experiences. The faculty acts as a guide to the students, thus, earnestly forming a common ground for the students to bridge gaps.

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